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EYETECH F/X Lenses are the Pinnacle of Special Effects Contact Lenses, and come in either Hand Painted or Solid Color. The Hand Painted Contact Lenses provide many variations of Soft Iris Designs, as well as Scleral Lenses which place detail from end to end of the eye. Iris and Scleral designs include, Cat Eye's, Star's, Vertical and Horizontal Slit Pupils, as well as many Medical anomalies, (Human and Non). Almost any design can be placed onto the EYETECH F/X contact lens. Samples and detailed diagrams can also be duplicated. The EYETECH F/X Solid Color Lenses are designed to be strikingly realistic as well as economical. Variations of the Solid Color Lens can be used to enhance the eye, or to change the eye color completely. "We can turn the darkest of brown eyes into the lightest of blue... or Yellow or Red or...."


EYETECH F/X Contact Lenses are custom made to your specifications and measurements. Prescription may be added to the lens at no additional charge. All EYETECH F/X Contact Lenses are manufactured from a High Water Content material, which has been designed to be strong but also comfortable.


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